Sound is essential to how humans communicate with each other and interact with their environment. Beside the more common sound-based communication devices such as microphones, speakerphones, sound is critical in wireless, information and communication technologies through the use of compact acoustic wave devices for signal filtering. However, a new science of sound will impact communication technologies through new functionalities and devices. By embracing new topological forms of sound, NewFoS research will enable robust, new sound-based communication technologies with immunity to performance degradation from fabrication imperfections or environmental changes. By advancing duality and exploiting new quantum-like states, NewFoS will open up unprecedented parallelizable sound-based communication devices that challenge the conventional transistor and integrated circuit—today’s conventional digital information processing and computational paradigmsReference. NewFoS research will realize dynamically tunable systems by understanding and controlling interactions between sound waves and other types of waves that will lead to new sources of coherent electronic-electromagnetic waves for communication and information processing applications.